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Quotes About SuccessQuotes about success, if you get anywhere, think of a person. There are many quotes that make us forget even what we previously thought. If we write with motivational quotes on post-it, we can help you in picking us back if necessary. Sometimes we do not even know they are there and are lost in our own world of darkness and fear, staring into space. Sometimes we find this place exactly where the post-it is. And he can not prove the desire we needed to be back on track.

Sometimes it can be a difficult problem and can solve it is a hopeless deadlock, if a solution can be presented as a quote on a post-it have. Even in times when we just sit back and do nothing productive, a quote or a saying, can the mind and leads us to think creatively or just a healthy workout for your brain. There are a few quotes about success, as the puzzles are fun to read and how they think of us for hours sometimes happen!

"To think is to act is just difficult, but the hardest thing in the world, act in accordance with your thinking - ... Goethe, German writer.

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  1. Thank you for posting this!
    i like quotes because So much wisdom in such a few words.
    my favorite quotes is
    Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself
    – Charlie Chaplin
    Some beautiful inspirational and motivational quotes about life and more! Enjoy!
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