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Life QuotesLife quotes is to put something, the people of cards, like birthdays, weddings, sick, things like that, I personally do not prefer "inspiring" life quotes in my cards, I joke, to do something myself to smile Unlike some quote that just make me feel is insignificant, or something to that effect. But now I'm like an idiot, the other person's opinion or perspective that is not really listening (especially) seem to refuse. So I guess I'll explain, I do not pay much attention to the quotation marks when they are full of good intentions, I hate when they try to be a way, I checked.

In summary, I can not often mentioned, but to each his own. I will not condemn or condone the people who make life using generic quotes, I prefer people to be selfish not to the groups they are in. So, yes, I am indifferent to life quotes, and judge people, I use them to tolerate, according to their own unique qualities.

This is a quote that life does not give up driving. Nobody had ever achieved greatness without storms - and the bigger your storm, the greater is the wonder that accompany the storm.

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  1. i raed alot of the quotes google perviesed and i am writing some of them down and i use alot of these quotes everyday they help me out everyday and i want to tell you one of a quote i have thought of and here it is, everyday you met have truable with bullys or family probulms, well guess what sometime you met have to go though that your go though both of them but, just look at the good part of life and laugh at the bad part of it and just think maybe it well all make sensean one day why your life was that way.

  2. I love the road to success,such a nice meaning :)

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